I love my Schnoodle

From cafepress.com:
I love my Schnoodle

(j)-mr p3y-j-(dog)

As hieroglyphic creativity goes, this one isn’t terrible. The “Dog” in the end isn’t a real hieroglyph of course, but I think it’s a nice touch. The verb mr does mean “love”, and p3y-j means “my” in Late Egyptian.
However, the sitting man on the left is the “1st-person suffix pronoun”, which means that it should have appeared after the sitting man with the hand in his mouth. Perhaps the designer thought that two sitting men in a row is visually unattractive, so they moved one of them to the beginning, thinking no one would care.
Well, they were wrong.

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2 Responses to I love my Schnoodle

  1. Aten says:

    They could have at least tried to make the dog in the same “theme” as the other symbols.
    i wonder if there’s some collection of “modern” hieroglyphs.

    little known made up fact about hieroglyphs – its one of the words with the highest misspelled words in the world!
    ah, gone are the days when you could just refer to them as “text”.

  2. Dan says:

    I admit that “H-glyphs” does have quite the twang. It sounds modern and technological, like “I-phone”, “B-tree”, “X-ray” etc.

    There actually is a “dog” hieroglyph in Egyptian (E14, E15), but their dogs were nasty greyhounds rather than cute schnoodles.

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