Here’s a lovely cartouche with hieroglyphs, supposedly saying “mother” in ancient Egyptian.



What’s written here is by no means “mother” in Egyptian. It’s the six letters of the English word “mother”, transliterated to Egyptian using some alphabetic chart. This would mean nothing to an Egyptian, and in fact, this would mean nothing to an Egyptologist who isn’t English-speaking.
The Egyptian word for “mother” is mwt, written with the “vulture” hieroglyph (G14):

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8 Responses to Mother

  1. Aharoni says:

    It does mean a lot to a non-Egyptologist!

    “I will soon hang myself and vultures will eat my corpse. But maybe i should put a kipa on my head and go begging for some new sheqalim, so i’ll have food on my plate.”

  2. Nut says:

    Yeh! and i am willing to bet he’s not really a mother either!

  3. Dan says:

    Aharoni: I should write a post about Athanasius Kircher sometimes.

    Nut: uhm… eh… yeah, I’d say that with this tattoo his chances of becoming a mother have decreased significantly.

  4. zzenja says:

    Thank you! I added this page to bookmark)) I think would be useful …

  5. Someone told me about the terror alert in Sinai. I hope all the Israeli citizens there are secure.

  6. meg says:

    Super glad I found this. I’m wanting to get Nut tattooed on me but unlike this guy here, I want it to Really mean that. Is there someone who could send a correct picture to me? That would be fabulous. Been looking online and can’t find one that’s suitable to print out. They are pretty much all the same though. Either way, don’t want to screw it up. Thanks.

  7. My uncle just got a tattoo of an old school pin up girl. It was fantastic work. Looked great. Does anyone else see 60+ year old men, who have never had a tattoo, getting them. He isn’t going through a mid life crisis, no divorce or other life changing happenings. He just got one. WTF was he thinking.

  8. a name in every language says:

    This info really is useful. As a person with tattoos using symbology from other cultures, I always make sure that I completely understand what I am tattooing to myself. After all, no one (myself included) wants to be that fool with something odd and ridiculous indelibly inked to themselves.

    I was wondering, with your seemingly vast knowledge of hieroglyphs, if you know the proper translation for “wisdom”. I get a different one from nearly every site I look at. Any thoughts?

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