It’s Passover today, when jews everywhere celebrate being free from the evil ancient Egyptians.
This cute video shows the story of the Exodus in the style of today’s internet:

However, at 0:31 seconds, note how the “Google Translate to Egyptian” feature translates the sentence “Let my people go”:
let my people go

ḳ-l-i-w-p-3-d-r-3 – Cleopatra

p-t-w-l-m-y-s – Ptolemys

The creators of the video took the name “Cleopatra”, and the name “Ptolemys” – joined them together to get “Cleop-mys”, and thought no one would care. Well, they were wrong.

Incidentally, these very two names were the key to deciphering the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs. You could say that these were the very first Egyptian words read by a modern scholar.

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  1. efrat says:

    note also, that apparently, at least according to the makers of the video, “let my people go” is in hebrew.

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