Ingredients to a Happy Life

From RateMyInk:

im(m) r-i n š3 sḫm.t ir r-mr r-tim3 r-htp ??

or: im(m) (r) n-(i) š3 sḫm.t ir r-mrr.t im-3-r-htp ??

The writing is in beautiful Hieratic script. According to the owner, it says “Give me strength, hope, love, fortune and peace”. I can see it happening with some imagination: im n-i can be read “Give me” if we ignore the “mouth” sign, although “me” should have been a “sitting man” and not “sitting man with hand in mouth”. š3 is close to š3ˁ “fortune”, sḫm is “strength”, mr is “love”, htp should have been ḥtp “peace”, the rest I can’t understand.

For the ancient Egyptians themselves, the ingredients to a happy life were different. A typical “wish” from Ancient Egypt would go like this:
“Give me life, prosperity, health, a long lifetime, a good ripe old age, and favor before gods and men”

im n-i ˁnḫ wḏ3 snb ˁḥˁ k3
i3wt ˁ3.t nfr.t
ḥsi m-b3ḥ nṯr.w rmṯ.w

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  1. nicole says:

    How did you get the tatoo translated?? I’m tryin to get a tatoo myself and im tryin to translate a quote that i have and i’m getting no where.

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