Life, health, prosperity

ˁnḫ snb wḏ3

This tattoo resembles the common Egyptian formula: “Life, Prosperity, Health”, however the order has been changed so that “Health” appears before “Prosperity”, which is very uncommon in real Egyptian texts. Still, this is valid (if unconventional) Egyptian. I contacted the owner of the tattoo, and she says that the reordering was done for aesthetic purposes, plus she agrees that “health” is more important than “prosperity”… I can’t argue with that.
Note the cow’s horns and sun-disk on top of the cartouche, which refer to the goddess Hathor. Also note the (unfinished) Eye of Horus at the bottom. Altogether, a very aesthetic work in my opinion, though I would suggest keeping to the conventional Egyptian formula -

l p h
ˁnḫ wḏ3 snb
“Life, Prosperity, Health”

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4 Responses to Life, health, prosperity

  1. Dazza says:

    Fascinating article, I have bookmarked for future reference

  2. It is well known amongst the scientific community that the correct formulation is actually “Live Long and Prosper”
    The famous gesture is a very ancient symbol is dated as early as 4000 years ago (The established beginning of time according to many acclaimed Christian scientists*)

    Old and ancient symbol

    Many leaders of the world commonly use the associated hand gesture as symbol of peace to this day:
    Obama, President of the United States
    Condoleezza Rice
    A Baby
    The Pope

    * – Using the standard established accreditation system

  3. Dan says:

    Thank you! Although frankly, I don’t think you exist.

    From tech-savvy people such as ST:TOS fans, I would expect better photoshopping :)

  4. SuperSonic says:

    Greatings, Can i get a one small photo from your blog?

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