Invisible Man

This tattoo is claimed to say: “Invisible Man”.
invisible man

invisible man
n(j)-t-pr ˁnḫ

It’s always fun to make up stuff in a dead language. nt pr ˁnḫ is one brave such attempt. I can only guess whoever did this meant the verb ptr “look” (should be with the [EYE] classifier), with the negative marker n, and finally ˁnḫ with the [HUMAN-MALE] classifier translates as “man”. Still, the result would be translated as “Man didn’t see”, a negated active statement. The best way in my opinion to express “invisible” is with a passive participle, along the lines of:

s tmw m33 “A man who isn’t seen”

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One Response to Invisible Man

  1. Amun* says:

    What would be the h-glyphs** for “The man who wasn’t there” look like ? :)

    * – yes, it was intended.
    ** – that’s how the cool kids call them (who dont have time to run a search every time we want to write this damn word again)

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