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I love my Schnoodle

From (j)-mr p3y-j-(dog) As hieroglyphic creativity goes, this one isn’t terrible. The “Dog” in the end isn’t a real hieroglyph of course, but I think it’s a nice touch. The verb mr does mean “love”, and p3y-j means “my” … Continue reading

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Invisible Man

This tattoo is claimed to say: “Invisible Man”. n(j)-t-pr ˁnḫ It’s always fun to make up stuff in a dead language. nt pr ˁnḫ is one brave such attempt. I can only guess whoever did this meant the verb ptr … Continue reading

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Nefertiti: n-i-f-i-r-t-y-t-y This seems like a chart-based rendition of the name Nefertiti. This is a shame, because for once it is an Egyptian name which has a valid Egyptian writing. Also, since she was a Queen, one could use a … Continue reading

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Here’s a lovely cartouche with hieroglyphs, supposedly saying “mother” in ancient Egyptian. m-w3-t-h-ˁ-r What’s written here is by no means “mother” in Egyptian. It’s the six letters of the English word “mother”, transliterated to Egyptian using some alphabetic chart. This … Continue reading

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