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Victory, Strength

f-i-c-t-w3-r-y s-t-r-ˁ-n-g-t-ḥ The image here is of the Egyptian war god, Monthu. The hieroglyphs around it are phonetic approximations of the English words “Victory” and “Strength”. The first hieroglyph on the left is a “Horned Viper”, but it was drawn … Continue reading

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It’s Passover today, when jews everywhere celebrate being free from the evil ancient Egyptians. This cute video shows the story of the Exodus in the style of today’s internet: However, at 0:31 seconds, note how the “Google Translate to Egyptian” … Continue reading

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Ingredients to a Happy Life

From RateMyInk: im(m) r-i n š3 sḫm.t ir r-mr r-tim3 r-htp ?? or: im(m) (r) n-(i) š3 sḫm.t ir r-mrr.t im-3-r-htp ?? The writing is in beautiful Hieratic script. According to the owner, it says “Give me strength, hope, love, … Continue reading

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A road to walk on

From Petechons’ Flickrstream, licensed by Creative Commons: This is a beautiful job! Whoever did this is a pro. The writing is in Cursive Hieroglyphs, and the text is a line from the Book of the Dead. The translation is: “May … Continue reading

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(f)-a-m-iii-l-w-y The word “family“, transliterated into hieroglyphs using a website – the same one used in the “Almighty” tattoo. Note the strange “Snail hieroglyph” on top; the sound “F” in Egyptian is represented by a “Horned Viper” or Cerastes cerastes, … Continue reading

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From Sin City Tattoos: t-i-m-p-i-r-3-n-s-i This is the English word “Temperance”, transliterated to Hieroglyphs using a chart. There is no Egyptian equivalent to “Temperance”, to the best of my knowledge. There are Egyptian words for “excess”, “to exceed” etc., which … Continue reading

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Life, health, prosperity

ˁnḫ snb wḏ3 This tattoo resembles the common Egyptian formula: “Life, Prosperity, Health”, however the order has been changed so that “Health” appears before “Prosperity”, which is very uncommon in real Egyptian texts. Still, this is valid (if unconventional) Egyptian. … Continue reading

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Got this by mail: ˁ-l-m-iii-g-h-t-w-y Yes, this is a transliteration of the English letters “ALMIGHTY”, which I’m almost certain was created with this website. In case you had any doubts, the combination g+h in Egyptian is NOT silent. An English-speaking … Continue reading

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I love my Schnoodle

From (j)-mr p3y-j-(dog) As hieroglyphic creativity goes, this one isn’t terrible. The “Dog” in the end isn’t a real hieroglyph of course, but I think it’s a nice touch. The verb mr does mean “love”, and p3y-j means “my” … Continue reading

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Invisible Man

This tattoo is claimed to say: “Invisible Man”. n(j)-t-pr ˁnḫ It’s always fun to make up stuff in a dead language. nt pr ˁnḫ is one brave such attempt. I can only guess whoever did this meant the verb ptr … Continue reading

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